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    Premiere Elements 11 slow then not responding on Mac


      I have an iMac that I've used PE 11 successfully for a couple years.  Suddenly it's come to a grinding halt.  When I try to edit anything it slows to a crawl, then just stops working all together.

      Here's what I've done so far:

      Updated my Mac to OS X 10.10.2

      Cleared cached files

      Made space on my hard drive

      Uninstalled, and reinstalled PE 11


      Other suggestions?


      An interesting symptom I've noted as it goes down the tubes: 

      The windows such as Project Assets stay in the foreground if I use another program while waiting for it to think about doing what I asked it to, for example; play the clip that I'm trying to edit.  So as I'm looking at my mail, the PE dialog boxes will be in my way.