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    Inexplicable crashes


      I'm baffled by this.


      Whenever I try to cut or copy a certain text frame within a certain document in Indesign, it immediately crashes. (I'm using CS6 on a 2010 MacBook Pro with Yosemite and all the latest updates/patches applied.)


      I've tried working around this, but the document is quite large, and the type of text frame that causes the crash is on every single page of this document, and I frequently want to copy it, or at least text within it.


      Taking it a step further, if I select specific text within the text frame and try to cut/copy it, it will also crash ID instantly. But not just any text, only a certain paragraph style. The rest of the text copies fine, but if I select any text within the particular paragraph style, it will crash.


      After some trial and error, I've found that even if I delete all the text within the offending paragraph style, this will still not allow me to copy the entire text frame. The only thing that will allow me to copy the text frame is to do a command + A and delete the entire contents of the text frame. Anything short of this will cause a crash. Even if I select all and reassign another paragraph style to the entire text frame, it still crashes. And puzzlingly, if delete the entire contents of the text frame, and then manually retype the exact same thing, assigning the same paragraph styles as before, it will then allow me to copy/cut as usual with no issues.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          It sounds like the style itself is corrupt. Try replacing it with a new style (same specs, new name).

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            EricMeier612378675 Level 1

            That's the thing that baffles me. If I select-all on the entire block of text and assign a new style, it still crashes when cutting/copying. But if I create a new text block and assign a paragraph style of the troublesome style, it won't crash. It is only on existing text frames. If it helps, I converted this document from CS4 to CS6, so perhaps something went goofy with the conversion process?

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              Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              @Eric – did you try to export that text frame as IDMS and place that Snippet file in a new document?


              If that would work, I mean editing the placed text frame in the new document, something is wrong with your paragraph styles in your original document.


              I would then rename the affected paragraph style in the new document and copy/paste the text frame to the original document working on with that and getting rid of all the corrupted ones.


              Exporting to IDML could be also a solution, but opening that, saving as a new InDesign document, could mean that you have to go through all the pages and check if all formatting, positioning of objects, text composition is in order.



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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                Aside from Uwe's suggestions, I see I was not clear enough in my directions. I meant define a new paragraph style. Delete the old style from the Paragraph Styles panel and when prompted for a replacement choose the new style. I would export to IDML at that point for good measure.

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                  EricMeier612378675 Level 1

                  I was able to export the frame as an IDMS, and when I placed it into a new document, it was responsive and I could successfully cut/copy from the paragraph style.


                  But I tried completely deleting the paragraph style on the original document, but it still could not be cut/copied -- even with ALL the paragraph styles deleted and being replaced with [basic paragraph] it still wouldn't let me work with it.


                  Exporting to IDML and then back to INDD does appear to work on a limited basis. I'm just hesitant to try this on the whole document unless I have to. But it's good to know that I have the option!

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                    Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    @Eric – now, if IDML would be an option, I'd do the following:


                    1. Export the whole document to PDF as is

                    2. Export the document to IDML

                    3. Open the IDML and rename the new InDesign document


                    4. Use the PDF to compare the old contents with new pages

                    4.1 Place the pages of the PDF on top of the page in a separate layer

                    4.2 Compare optically by switching layer visibility on and off


                    and / or:

                    5. Print out the PDF => A

                    6. Print out the new document => B

                    7. Compare by stacking each of the printouts from A to B

                    (A light-table will help a lot)