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    Bottom layers not showing when mask tracking.

    BreannaBaker.com Level 1

      So, I'm trying to do mask tracking, but I can't see the results of my masks because the bottom layers (the original footage) won't show underneath the mask. I watched multiple YouTube video, and all their videos showed when they clicked the little eye button. Mine doesn't do anything. I click/toggle the eye buttons, and nothing disappears nor re-appears. I just want to see how the mask looks on the video.


      If I click on the bottom layer, I can watch it alone..... but I can't watch all my layers together. The top layer just has the transparent boxes (or I can toggle to black). How do I get all my layers to show at the same time?


      p.s. I am on the trial version of AE CC. I just got it yesterday. I have an adobe creative account with Photoshop & Lightroom. 


      Screenshot showing my layers BB.png

      Above photo shows the top layer. Issue is that I can't get the other layers to show beneath this, I just see a bunch of transparency boxes.....