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    Export issue with quicktime in CS6


      TlDr at bottom


      Hello First post here,

           I have CS6 and am making a kinetic typography (a music video with moving words) so timing is important. Im using the RAM preview as my tool to sync up the lyrics and the song (waveform is to messy). I went to render out a 30 second section with best setting and loss less and it was 3 GB and laggy. Next I went to QuickTime and used h.264 compression, the size was manageable but the video was sort of lagging where some animations would flow right on point but others would lag. I know its not my computer because i have done much more graphic intensive projects before where there was no lag after rendering. I tried Google and that didn't work.




      When using RAM preview there is no lag

      When exporting there is video lag


      what ive tried:

      AVI no compression

      AVI H.264

      QuickTime no compression

      QuickTime h.264

      QuickTime jpg

      QuickTime mpeg-4

      RAM Preview


      Please Help!