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    After Effects CS5.5


      I'm having a very frustrating time with a bug in AfterEffects CS5.5 as it crashes every time I select the colour picker tool. A problem that Adobe is responding to on these forums saying it happens sometimes but are not looking into it because they are not supporting CS5.5 on Apple's new Yosemite OSX. This is something which I find particularly lousy of Adobe – since the software is not that old, and was quite expensive. Adobe's tactic of ruthlessly phasing out the older CS software and not sufficiently supporting those who have spent quite a lot of money in very recent times on their tools.


      I'll need a few years worth more from my tools before I can justify paying out even more to sign up with CC. I reckon I'm not the only one in that boat.




      Many are having these issues since they upgraded their Mac's OS or those who have recently purchased a new Apple computer, already have them with Yosemite OSx already installed.


      The question I have is:

      • Is it better to contact Apple and try and install their older operating system, one that was worked well with CS5.5? (would anyone know which OS is best able to run After Effects CS5.5?)


      • Is it better to upgrade to CS6, or is THAT a big risk not knowing if its even going to work OK on Yosemite with little or no support from Adobe?
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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I certainly understand your frustration. AE used to be really expensive. I know because I paid for it for years! However, I don't know of that many software companies that would do an update to make four-year-old/three-version-old software run on a new OS. Thus, I'm not all that perturbed that CS5.5 doesn't work well on Yosemite, but then, I also haven't upgraded to Yosemite (for a variety of reasons).


          Due to a the issues folks have been having with Yosemite (not just with AE), I would suggest running an older version of the Mac OS. However, you can download a trial of CS6 to see how well it works on your system with Yosemite before you go all crazy trying to downgrade. Make sure you update it to 11.0.4 before you try to run it. Note: you can have various versions of AE installed at the same time without issue, so you don't have to uninstall CS5.5 to test this out.. I'm running CS5, CS6, CC, and CC 2014 all on the same machine at home.