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    User Accounts with Flash Player

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      The Flash player will only work with 1 account. I have 4 user accounts on my
      computer (Dell, dimension2350, 512 Mb ram, Windows XP, SP2). ALL accounts
      have administrative privilages. I am using Internet Explorer 6 (was using 7
      and uninstalled it hoping that would help). I have downloaded, installed,
      uninstalled, etc. the player numerous times in each account. NOTHING works. I
      go to Adobe web site and run a test for the player and it works fine
      there---only there. I go back to a web site such as CBS news and it will NOT
      work. The site says I need to download and install the player. What is wrong?
      There is NO spyware, virus, adware, etc. on this computer. I run Zone Alarm,
      AVG anti-virus, and Spycatcher in an active mode. I am not a computer genious
      but have a working knowledge of functions and operations. Can anyone help?