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    Indesign CC Preferences restoring to default

    Dave Read Work Level 1

      Hi, I'm having an issue with the preferences, settings and work spaces restoring back to their default settings every month or so. It's not a massive deal as I have a saved workspace that I can load every time this happens. But it does seem to be a bug of some sort.


      I'm running Indesign CC on a fairly new 27" iMac with a 3.2ghz i5, 8gb ram. The install was fresh as soon as the iMac was bought. All other adobe software seems to be ok. All software is up to date.


      Anyone else having similar problems, or know how to stop it happening?



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          That's not normal, so the most likely cause is something in your system configuration like a third-party plugin, a background utility, or even a Chrome browser plugin (we've seen a lot of conflicts with those this past few weeks).

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            Dave Read Work Level 1

            As far as I'm aware the system is clean of 3rd party plugins. Only one I can think of is an Ad-blocker plugin for Firefox, but that was installed well before the problems started occurring. I don't use the Chrome browser. We use Adobe DPS frequently, but that's not really a 3rd party plugin.


            The problem is actually happening more frequently now, probably once every week. All of the Indesign preference are reset, the workspace resets to default, and all the printer presets are deleted, which is the most frustrating thing, especially when you work in publishing.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Disable the ad-blocker for awhile and see if it helps. Could also be something about your anti-virus or backup programs, if you use them. I'd also remove a font manager auto-activation plugin if you have a font manager to see if that makes any difference.


              In the meantime, make copies of a clean set of preference files (InDesign Defaults, in particular, since that's where the printer presets are stored) and it would probably make sense to export backup copies of all presets from the various "Define" dialogs too so that you can at least get things back quickly when this happens. See Replace Your Preferences

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                FWIW I experience this problem too --- though only about once a month.


                (I assumed (though haven't figured out definitively) that it was when CC did an update to InDesign).


                I lose my preferences but not my workspaces (though the workspace resets to default, my saved workspace remains in the list) or my PDF presets. My default color palette resets (though I have a saved .ase so i just reimport).


                Just posting here in the interest of troubleshooting....


                • I'm also on a 27" iMac, 3.2ghz i7, 16gb ram, running OS 10.9.5
                • I don't remember this ever happening pre-Creative Cloud (been using INDD for about 8 years.)
                • I recall this happening 1x with Photoshop 2014, though I use INDD 20x more than PS.
                • I don't use Chrome more than 1x a month (to view a page that for some reason doesn't display properly in Firefox).
                • Don't have any INDD 3rd party plug-ins that i know of (not sure where to see what ones might be installed); I'm running Dropbox and GoToAssist background utlities (along with whatever crap Microsoft Office runs)
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                  I have this same problem, Did anyone find a solution for this? Happend when I upgraded to Yosemite then installed the CC 2015 programs 6 months ago. This happens in both Indesign CC 2014 & CC 2015


                  The preference settings such as units disappear after the system restarts or if the program crashes (happens a bit). Printer presets disappear. Everything defaults to default.

                  I set the units with no document open, then close the program, then reopen indesign and they are there. then the next day or after ID crashes they are defaulted.


                  I have removed Chrome, Opera & Firefox and there settings in the library to no avail.


                  Imac 27 inch mid 2010 , Yosemite 10.10.5