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    performance bottleneck of hard drive: assets vs. cache vs. render-to drive?


      so i'm beefing up my old mac pro tower (5,1) and was wondering which combination of use of hard drives is fastest, if anyone has any firsthand or theoretical suggestions...


      if someone has all three of these hard drives:

      A) PCIe SSD (OWC Mercury Accelsior_E2 PCI Express SSD)

      B) internal drive bay SSD

      C) external SSD connected via 600MB/s eSATA port of the above linked card


      … which is best to use in combination for the following in After Effects CC/CC2014?

      1) storage of assets files used in the AE project (ie. 1080/4k/RAW/etc footage, PSD files)

      2) AE disk cache

      3) the drive that AE is rendering to


      … for example is 1A + 2C + 3B the fastest use for rendering? and is 1AC + 2B the fastest for while working in AE?

      between assets, disk cache, and render location, which are more of a performance bottleneck?


      and does the optimal combination vary if someone had 16 GB vs 64GB vs 128GB of RAM?


      thanks in advance for any insight!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, the long and short answer is: It won't matter. All your system buses only have so much overall transfer bandwith and ultimately they all end up being in some way piped through your PCI bus, which in addition is shared by your graphics card, audio devices and what have you as well. There are going to be wait states and data collisions and whether or not you can make your machine fly to Mars is ultimately not relevant. There may be perhaps some tiny advantage in using a native PCI card SSD for Cache, but otherwise the overall combined data transfer rates will be way above and beyond what your system can handle, so it will put in the throttle one way or the other.