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    Help with Lightroom 5.7 crashing upon import




      I got Lightroom a few weeks ago and ever since I installed it, it has been crashing a few seconds after I open the Import screen. Interestingly, ONE time I was able to get it to import successfully, but the only thing I changed was running the program as administrator, and I've been able to successfully import again using the same technique. I read that this is a common problem, and commonly solved by unplugging one's phone, but I definitely don't have my phone or phone's USB cord plugged in, and I restarted my computer to make sure it didn't think I did have a phone plugged in, and I wasn't able to solve the issue. I unplugged all my other USB devices except for my external hard drive, which is where I'm trying to import my files to. The one time I did successfully import, I imported onto the same hard drive, so I don't think it's that either?gb


      Any help toward solving this issue would be hugely appreciated. Having to copy 30gb worth of files onto my PC and then manually moving them into another folder using Lightroom is a tedious and time-wasting extra step



      (edit: forgot to mention that if I turn off/unplug my camera (D5200), the program no longer crashes on import. If the camera is connected, even if I'm not trying to import from the camera folder and click on another drive, the program will still freeze after a few seconds)