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    Absolute Positioning Help!

      Hi, I have a Canvas container called "contentView" . Inside the "contentView" I have an image Control called "background" which serves as the background image of the "contentView" Container. Is there away to keep the "background" component from moving along with the "contentView" when the "contentView" component's height is resized? I've tried to set the "autoLayout" property in the "contentView" to false but this didn't work.

      I'm trying to create a masking effect using the Canvas container. Thanks.

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          peterent Level 2
          The children of a container move with the container. If you give the child object just x, y, width and height, it will not shift its position within its parent container nor will it change size as the parent container resizes. If you anchor the children using a combination of top/bottom and/or left/right, then the child's position and size may change as the parent container resizes.

          But in all cases, when the Canvas moves, so do its children. You need to place the image outside of the Canvas. Perhaps you need a Canvas within Canvas. Often layering containers solves layout problems like this.