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    call to MXML page not working

      Hello, I am using the navigatetoURL to call an MXML webpage from another wepage. For e.g. MXML Page A calls page B.

      But the problem is, when I click on the link (that calls page B), instead of opening the webpage on browser window, it is opening mxml source code in the notepad file. The expectation is when I click a link on page A it should open Page B. Both are MXML/AS 3.0 pages.

      When I directly open the page B without clicking on the link. It works just fine.

      Below is the piece of the code for reference.

      <mx:LinkButton x="408" y="12" label="Company Information" width="150" fontFamily="Arial" height="22" id="cinfo" click = "navigateToURL(new URLRequest('c:/COEXSYS/CompanyInfo.mxml'),'_blank')" color="#333399" themeColor="#C9C9C9"/>

      Thank you