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    A Question About a Feature


      My company is trying to make an interactive e-learning system where people can give multiple choice question exams and get results etc. We have questions, answers and equations as pictures in the database which we bring to the frontend using various technologies. We had been using PHP for that purpose. We then tried to implement the whole thing using Flash 8. But we were stuck in one place- we were trying to fetch data dynamically from database and show it in a html supported text area in Flash. But what happenes - when we use text and images in that field - images always went down to the next line - we couldnt make - text image text in a single line. We had to stop using Flash because it looks really weird when we want to have few words text then a small image and then text in a single line. So, despite our will to do so, we couldnt use Flash for our project.

      Now can u plz tell me
      * Is it possible in Flex to put dynamically fetched text , then small image(for equations) then again text in a single line in a text field ?

      * Does Flex support unicode so that we can dynamically fetch unicode text from database and show it in a text field ?

      if Flex supports both of the above 2 options - we will consider buying Flex for building our e-learning system. Please plz its important for us to know if flash supports those 2 things or not. Thank you in advance for your reply . I will wait for the answer.