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    Is it possible to embed camera profiles in DNGs?


      I convert my Canon 60D CR2s to DNG via the DNG converter, but also use Camera RAW in Photoshop CS5, which has lens profile support, and sometimes PTLens via a plugin in Aperture to avoid starting up Photoshop.

      Is it possible to embed camera profiles into a DNG, either with Adobe software, or other 3rd part software, so that Aperture can read it? Aperture uses the system Raw support, and since it does support embedded lens profiles, such as from some Micro 4/3rd cameras, which gives Aperture rudimentary support for them.

      So, is there any way to embed lens profiles into my converted DNGs with any available software? I'm OK with command line utilities, so if there is a techy way, I can devise a script (hopefully) to add it automatically. I do have PTLens, which has a lens profile database (though perhaps encrypted), and I think Hugin supports the LensFun database as well.