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    Double trouble: Not printing and no preference file

    Geekstyler70 Level 1

      When I go to print from Lightroom 5.7.1, there is no image of the photo in the upper left hand "navigation" box. The image appears in the middle on paper as it usually does, but when the print command is given, nothing but blank paper comes out of the printer.


      Thinking that this might correct itself with a re-install, I uninstalled and re-installed 5.7. When that didn't work, I updated to 5.7.1 and installed. Still didn't fix the problem.


      So then I thought replacing the preference file might do the trick. But there is not even an Adobe folder in the Win 7 C:\users\[user]\roaming folder. Te only folder there is the Intel folder.


      I have done a disk clean up with no change in the outcome. What is going on and what can I try next? I have the stand alone, not the CC version.