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    Requesting feature: toggle timeline units.


      Before i got introduced to Adobe Edge Animate i did all my animation work with traditional javascript and later CSS.

      I understand that Adobe Edge is young and a lot of features may be added in the future but i would like to point out one thing in particular that should have a high priority.


      So to sum it up. When working with CSS keyframes. You have the possibility to choose to animate the element with  ( from{ } - to{ } ) selectors or percentual units. 0%{ } - 100%{ }, where the animation duration in (s,ms) is declared in the parent element.

      This would be extra useful when we are working with symbols in Edge.  You should impement a feature in which we can toggle the timeline to either play the sequence using time units or percentual units, thus let the stage declare the complete animation duration in time units.

      What this means is that when you change the duration you dont have to go in to every symbol and change them as well.


      I hope this is something you consider implementing.


      Best regards, /Erik