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    Should I reinstall Lightroom and if so, how do I not lose my work?


      I have Windows 8 and Lightroom 5.7 installed on my desktop.  Every since I did the last update, Lightroom has been acting really weird. I often get a "Lightroom Not Responding"  message, or it will take for ever to do something like move from library to develop module.  I have been going through and deleting files and have moved folders with in Lightroom, but I would think that should not be an issue. This has been going on for about a month now after the last update.  Yesterday I moved my pictures from my desktop to an external drive through lightroom and then did a catalog backup..  Later in the day after a photo shoot, I tried to import pictures, to that external drive and it just stopped in the middle of the process.  I checked to see if the pictures were in the designated folder and they were.  So I closed Lightroom and opened it again 6 pictures had a white box with lines through them taking up the bottom quarter of the picture.  If I look at these pictures through another program, they appear fine.  Should I reinstall Lightroom? If so, how do I save my work?  Could my catalog (which I have backed up) be corrupt?


      I have more work to be done, but I don't want to proceed if I am working with an unstable program.