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    Really wierd stains when inserting photoshop files into my indesign document


      Dear Indesigners,

      I had encountered this problem before. Then I exported the file as JPEG and printed from there on.


      But now it really bothers me what adobe is doing.


      I am creating a birthcard. There for I designed the background (in indesign with simple lines & circles). Photo with ribbon I designed in photoshop. The circle pattern around the picture is also in Indesign.


      Whenever I print this file from indesign I get really wierd stains on my Photoshop part of the document.  You can verify this in the attachment.

      If I export this and print from there, the stains are nowhere to be seen.


      Is this some weird setting that I have looked over? The Photoshop document is in CMYK format.





      This is the export file:

      Design front - export.jpg


      This is the scanned, printed file (increased contrast)


      Design front - scan.jpg