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    Creating My First Flex/CF Project

      I've been *tinkering* with Flex, and I would like to create my first project with a data connection (I've donet this locally, but not on the actual server). I've read about a lot of problems that others have had, and before I start, I want to make sure everything is done properly.

      I'm starting with a fresh install of Coldfusino 7.0.2 (with all the updates), and I am working within an instance of the server that was created for me. As far as I know, no settings have been changed from the original install. Is there anything special that I need to configure on the sever to make this work? How to I create the new flex project so that everything is "happy"? I have access to the files directly on the server, so I normally just work on them from the server (so I don't have to FTP the files onto the server).

      Any and all suggestions are much appreciated! Thank You!

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          Orion3377 Level 1
          As an addition to my previous question, I thought I would let you know that I my CF7 server is a Unix based machine, and I am NOT using Flex Data Services - I was hoping to do this without having to install it.

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            You look like you are 100% on your server configuration. Now all you need is:
            -- A CFC with the method to be called with access="remote"
            -- A Flex Builder 2 project created with the "ColdFusion Flash Remoting Server" selected on the wizard dialogue that asks "How will your Flex Application access data?

            I think a great test application is one that our hero Ben Forta put up on Adobe.com at the following link:

            The link above provides a zip file and detailed instructions and all files needed to install a CFC that reads XML that uses <mx:RemoteObject> in provided MXML files to return text that is presented in a Flex 2 app with appropriate gif images.

            If you can get Ben's Phone Selector application working, then that will confirm that you have a working CF/Flex 2 development configuration. Plus, you can then tinker with his code to learn a lot more :-)



            P.S. It is irrelevant what OS CF is running on.
            P.P.S. For now, disregard all information regarding Flex Data Services. You have CF 7.0.2. That is all that you need. Disregard all info regarding Flex Data Services (aka FDS) until you learn more about it and commit to using it. (FDS adds special functionality that you may not need.)
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              Jennifer did you get this to work? I can't for the life of me create a project with ColdFusion Flash Remoting Server selected on the wizard dialog as it will not accept the fact that the root folder can not be browse to (it is on a Linux server, and I stopped trying to get samba to work just for this problem). All I want to do is develop flex apps (front end) for my coldfusion app that I develop on a Linux server from my Windows workstation. I am wondering if I need to install CFMX developer edition on my workstation to make this work??