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    LR slows down and stalls after some time


      I use LR 5.7 on Win7 wich runs in a Virtual box machine.

      When starting LR it works pretty well, but after a while (1-2hours) it becomes less responsive and it finally stalls when switching to another task in windows (e.g. TaskMgr). CPU is loaded permanently @30%.

      There is no choice but to kill hte process and start again, where the full speed is back.

      HW should be fine: I use a Core i7 (4 cores for Win7) with 16GB RAM (dedicated for VM).

      The VM is on a local disk and so is the LR catalogue. The pics are on a NAS.


      Does anybody have an idea how to fix this?

      It's really annoying when you want to do some bigger tasks in LR.


      Thanls for any help