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    Editable text box on each page, but generated from Master Page?

    bobtem Level 1

      I want to create a blank text box that lives on the Master Page so that it shows up on each page in the document, but I then would enter custom text into the field on each page ( or just leave it blank).


      I know, I know, I can do simply copy a text box from one page, and paste in place on all subsequent pages... or set it up once on a page, then just keep duplicating that page... or some other work around. But simple as those work arounds are, I'd just like a blank text box show up automatically on each page as a master page item, then I can enter text as a see fit and not have to do any duplicating tricks. I've looked up a few tutorials, but none solve for my need.


      So I guess the real question is, does InDesign allow the content of a master page text field to be individually edited on the pages of the document itself?