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    JPG's saved using Photoshop and emailed to mobile phones will not open

    vancouver keith

      I am using CS5 on a Mac OSX.


      I am pretty proficient with Photoshop and have been using this version for several years. This may not be a new situation, I may just have discovered it.


      I have emailed from Outlook to two different iPhone (both 5's) and an Android phone. I don't know what the message was on the Android but on the iPhone it starts downloading then displays a greyed out box labeled "mime-attachment".


      I have tried changing the file size. I have tried 8 and 16 bit settings.


      There isn't any problem opening the files on notebooks and desktop computers.


      If I import the file into iPhoto (a Mac program for managing and editing photos) and then resave it, the jpgs email perfectly.


      Any ideas?