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    Change Book's Page Size


      I designed my book (The Feather Chase) in InDesign CC. I chose one size - 5.25 x8 - for the paperback version and have learned that it needs to be a different size for hard cover - either 5 x 8 or 5.5 x 8.5. I don't see how I could make the smaller size work because the type can't be smaller (it's for kids). So, I'm left with the larger size. I want the book to be the same inside as the other version but have a wider margin on the outside edges to compensate for the bigger pages. Is it possible to essentially freeze everything on the pages so I don't have to go through widows and orphans, etc., again, but add that larger border? Please note that I am a close to a beginner in InDesign.


      Thank you!