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    touch screen swf/xml

      ok i have a swf/xml flash file , its like a menu and buttons and stuff...
      so u think this would work on touch screen ? is like just like a mouse click when u do touch screen? any special events for touch screen?
      can we have flash for touch screen?:)
      please anyone who have experience with this explain:) thanks
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          tonyhigham Level 1
          I have done a little bit of Flash on touchscreens, and it's not too different. Depending on who manufactures your screen, you might need to change your buttons events from onRelease to onPress. A little experimentation might be needed, but there ought not to be any major hurdles.
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            bedrosamo Level 1
            any idea of whats the best touch screen brand that its touch screen events is same as mouse?

            by the way , no way to use stuff like "mouse over" right ? any u sure if i use "on press" it will work on touch screen ? in case it dont work , there is no manual out there that explains whats the functions we can use and stuff.... ?
            thanks alot
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              tonyhigham Level 1
              I only have experience with industrial touch screens, but basically the hardware should inform Windows when a touch event occurs, and Windows will treat it like the according mouse event. So, you shouldn't have to worry about some cryptic sutom event. It should be equivelant to programming for a laptop where the user can 'click' by tapping the mousepad; i.e., it makes no difference to you as a programmer. And you are right, no mouseOver events, at least on any touch screen I've worked with.

              I don't know what the scope of the project is like, but perhaps you could contact a sales representative of the brand you like and ask them to make sure about the mouse events; maybe you could even post a test file online for them. Other than that, just make sure you buy something that you can return later if you need to... ;)
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                onPress works in a kiosk touch screen mode.