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    How do the mts, mpl, cpi, and other files relate to each other when...?

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      Am interested to know when, how and why the mts, mpl, cpi, bdm, backup, tdt and tdi files are created and utilized by each other:

      1. while downloading specifically 1080p60 movie clips from an AVCHD Progressive camcorder to a hard disc drive for storage.
      2. while ingesting the 1080p60 movie clips from the HDD into an Adobe Premiere Elements 13 project and a Premiere Pro CS5.5 project
      3. while ingesting the Elements13 project  into a ProCS5.5 project.

      Is there a web link that you can point us to for a clear in-depth explanation?

      The camcorder is a Panasonic HC-X900MP. AVCHD 2.0 Progressive, ¼”x3MOS.  Specs used: Movies: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, Dolby Digital AC-3 5.1 or 2ch and uncompressed linear PCM audio, 1080-line/60p, 28Mbps VBR, 64GB SDXC SSD card. I don't record in 3D.  Photos: JPEG Exif2.2, 32GB internal SSD; 16MP; 4:3.
      Please begin something like this (
      In this scenario, for clarity and simplicity, just one movie clip is recorded by the camera): I'm guessing it's something like this: After recording a movie clip, the camera generates 7 or 8 files and stores them in a directory of folders set up in the camera’s memory card (under folders PRIVATE > AVCHD). In the AVCHDTN folder, two ThumbNail image files are created for viewing on your camera; TDT stores the image, and TID stores the thumbnail’s ID.  The BDMV folder contains three subfolders: STREAM contains the MTS movie clip; CLIPINF contains the CPI technical info about the movie clip for reading in the metadata panel of your movie creation program and for reading on the camera’s LCD screen, and PLAYLIST contains the MPL navigational info for the movie clip enabling it to be played back.  The above five files are generated for each movie clip and share the same filename. The clip’s INDEX.BDM and MOVIEOBJ.BDM files index and describe the clip so several photos or movie clips’ first frame can be displayed at the same time on the camera’s monitor. A movie index may consist of several frames of a clip. Lastly, the optional BACKUP file stores a copy of ? data when ?   Only the MTS, MPL and CPI movie files need to be downloaded from your camera (or all 5?) to your HDD to be ingested into your movie creation software project. The others, TDT, TID, BDM and BACKUP, are for supporting the software only in your camera and can be deleted after the MTS, MPL and CPI files download has been verified as successful (or not?).

      And then what happens to the remaining files during and after ingest from the HDD into an Adobe Premiere Elements 13 and Premiere Pro CS5.5 project? Are new files created such as XMP, DAT and TDT that allow these programs to manipulate the MTS, MPL and CPI files?

      And what happens to them when ingested from an Elements 13 project, with keywords added, into a Pro CS5.5?

      AVCHD file structure: