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    Photoshop CS5 DLL Cmds on events

    KBKent Level 1

      Hey Guys,


      This all relates to a user's Local PC, nothing web related.


      I would like to make a Photoshop extension, possibly using the extension builder, or configurator, that a User could click a custom button, and it would send that "event" to a C# dll, located on the user's Local PC.
      I already have the sdk loaded in the dll, so I can automate Photoshop, but I am struggling to find a way to send info to the dll so it knows what to do, or even when to do it.


      A simple example of the ideal functionality I am aiming for is:

      1. Open Photoshop, Photoshop loads: mylib.dll at startup (this part is easy I know how to do this)
      2. User does something
      3. user opens custom extension panel within Photoshop
      4. Clicks "Do this Cmd", "Do this other Cmd", or some other custom feature, this "call" is sent to mylib.dll
      5. mylib.dll does all the custom changes needed via the  Photoshop SDK COM Interface


      I have looked into the JavaScript Tools Guide, and found only C or C++ libraries can be loaded via ExternalObject. However, my  dll is in C#, and while saying "write it in C++ or C is easy", it is however  foundation piece for other utilities, so I would like to keep it as is.

      ScriptUI, has the events, but cant load the library as far as I can tell

      Plug-ins, were an option but again couldnt load an external library also.

      Now I have  poured over many of the docs, before posting this, and hoping I just overlooked it. I am not looking to push this off for adobe to maintain, or fix bugs. I just want to know If can be done, and possibly how.

      Lastly, the reason I am doing this as a dll, as I hope to also integrate the same dll, into Adobe Flash SDK.