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    Installing the Lightroom update (5.7.1) crashes my computer. Help?


      Hi all,


      I'm having trouble updating Lightroom. Every time I try, after what seems like hours of installation time, it tells me I don't have enough space for the 1.28 GB update...which is ludacris because I have over 30 GB free. While this installation is happening, my entire computer slows to a crawl and I don't even try to do anything else. By the end of the crashed install the computer asks me to force quit everything and I have to restart. After the 3rd try, my old Lightroom seems to have disappeared, so now I can't even edit photos with the non-updated version.


      Any thoughts on what might be happening here? My computer (a MacBook Pro, 4 years old) is up-to-date and running great otherwise.