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    How do I add photos to an existing book?


      I'm designing a book and trying to import 5 more photos to the existing 200. They import fine into the folder but when I go to the book I saved in Collections, they aren't there- I have 10 pages designed so far but the clients wanted a few different images added. If I go to Library, they're there, then go to Book, it's as if I'm starting over again. The original book is still in Collections though. Solution? Thanks. I'm using LR5 on a MacBook Pro.

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          bob frost Level 3

          I would copy the new images from the folder they are in into the book collection, using the folders panel on the left. They should then appear in the filmstrip below the book, so you can then add extra pages and drag the new images up onto the new pages.


          There may be a better way, but that is what I was doing a day or so ago with my first book.


          Bob Frost