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    InDesign, list tag and languages

    Mike Custode

      Hi all. I'm posting this here and at the LinkedIn Accessibilty forum.


      I'm having an issue with exporting French language, tagged PDFs from InDesign. When creating the styles I make sure the language is set to "French: Canadian." This works fine for all tags except for lists. Lists continually get exported with "en" as the language.


      If I leave the language setting blank this happens. If I try any other language this happens. I've exported the file using InDesigns own export function and tried it with the excellent MadeToTag plug-in — both have the same result. I've tried in CS6 through to CC 2014 and it's still the same.


      Has anyone else come across this issue? Anyone found a solution other than manually changing the language in the tags?


      Here are some screenshots so you can see. The first is a paragraph tag with the correct language and the second shows the list tag: