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    Help with smooth scrolling (masked movie clip)

      Ok, I really need help here, and I'll be very grateful for help before Monday.

      Someone has made a movie with a different set of text on each frame, the text goes out of the viewable area.
      I have been asked to make these frames appear in a pop-up on another flash and be scrollable.

      i thought this would be easy...just cut and paste them into a movie clip, then using a mask to hide the rest of the text.

      However, it is going painstakingly slow.
      Seems to be a performance issue, but it might be my code.

      Any help with the code, or optimisation elsewhere would be helpfully.

      Heres a simplified version of the flash;

      Code for the scrolling;

      _global.MoveUp = function(text) {
      _root.ITproduct.IT_productlist._y = _root.ITproduct.IT_productlist._y+6;

      Called and stopped by;

      on (press){
      //this._parent.IT_productlist._y = this._parent.IT_productlist._y +10;
      //_global.scrollon = "yes";
      IntervalID = setInterval(MoveUp,100);
      //scroll on

      on (release) {
      //this._parent.IT_productlist._y = this._parent.IT_productlist._y +10;
      //scroll off

      which is linked to a button.

      I dont know if this is a actionscript problem, or the way the page is made, or both.
      Any help would be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance,
      Thomas Wrobel