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    Flash crashing during movie export

    persius007 Level 1

      I'm currently using Flash CS3 and I need to create a series of movies for a presentation.  The images I'm using are 1920 x 1080 resolution.     I run into problems when I try to export the movie and then Flash crashes.  I have tried to import only 50 frames and then 20 frames (as opposed 400) at a time thinking I can create separate videos which I can edit together later but that is not working either. 


      I would appreciate hearing from experienced users on what my options are?

      As far as my renders are concerned, can I use the original resolution (1920 x 1080) and create a video at 1280x720 or will that cause problems as well?  
      I need this video to have sufficient resolution in order to see the details being presented on a large screen tv.


      I have created videos successfully using smaller resolution images without any problems so I'm curious if the high resolution may be  the problem here?





      Any help will be appreciated.


      Thank you.