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    Design time feature request

    TomHarlinSmith Level 1
      If you are building an internationalized/localized application, you replace all hard-coded strings with references to resource bundle values. This makes the design-time layout nearly useless. There are other similar situations such as working with viewstacks where the panel you want to see at design time is different from the run-time version.

      It sure would be nice if there were a syntax for defining the attribute value used at design time separately from the run-time version. For instance, instead of defining a label control like this:
      <mx:Label text="@Resource(key='TheLabel', bundle='MyBundle')"/>
      you instead might have the option of something like this:
      <mx:Label text="@Resource(key='TheLabel', bundle='MyBundle')@Design('The Label')"/>
      The intent being that the part in the @Design directive would be shown by the builder in design mode.