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    RH HTML 11 - how to set page margins for PDFs (printed documentation)?



      I've got another problem with RH 11. We're trying to customize the printed documentation output for PDFs to match our styling conventions. We're not able to find any way to change the page margins in the PDFs that are generated.

      We tried to change margins in the Page Setup window for individual topics (both in the Design Mode and the HTML mode; BTW the window with settings looks different when opened while in the Design Mode and in the HTML mode), we played around with the Master Page, we went through all the possible settings in the wizard for generating the Printed Documentation, we looked everywhere to no avail. We tried to "google it out" but we didn't find anything on this topic. Does anyone know how to change such basic settings?

      I've been using RH for two months and already got frustrated several times. Before, I used Help and Manual almost 3 years and things like that were so simple to achieve. Please help.