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      Pre ele10のユーザーでしたがDVDへの書込みができないので、早速Pre ele13を購入使用。

      やはり、DVD書込みでNTSC dolbyやNTSCワイドスクリーンにて、書込み中に、内部ソフトウェアエラーが発生します。

      ¥Vobulator¥Block Plannar¥Block Plannar.cpp.line215




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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          If you are getting the same Vobulator error with Premiere Elements 10 and 13, with 99.999% certainty the issue is you

          putting a stop marker at the end of the last item on your Timeline content heading for burn to DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc..


          There is a small chance the problem is something else, but based on the history of this type of error message, not using

          a stop marker at the end of your Timeline content should resolve your burn to disc issue that you are having in Premiere Elements 10 and 13.


          Please let us know if the above worked for you.


          Thank you.