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    Farbige QR Codes bei Datenzusammenführung. Wie ?

    1stof8-jw Level 1

      Ich möchte in InDesign eine Datenzusammenführung mit einem Qr Code erstellen. Das klappt schon mal. Ich möchte den QR Code allerdings mit einer eigenen Farbe (nicht schwarz) einfärben. Bei der Datenzusammenführung macht InDesign das automatisch in schwarz. Absatz, Obekt etc. Formate funktionieren nicht. Wie oder Wo kann man die Farbe einstellen?

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          Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

          When dealing with QR codes made during an InDesign data merge only, the black colour of the code cannot be changed. The frame it is in can have the colour changed, but not the actual fill of the code. I wrote more about that here: http://indesignsecrets.com/data-merge-qr-codes-explained.php


          There are other plug-ins that are a little more flexible though, but I personally do not use them. Other posters who use them may be able to assist, or perhaps download trial versions of the plug-ins to see if they are what you are looking for.

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            1stof8-jw Level 1

            Thanks for your answer, but the most important thing i want to change is the black colour of the code...

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              MW Design Level 5

              Yep, as Colin says, cannot be done...globally either pre or post merge. You can, one by one, edit the QR codes to change the color post merge. Pretty onerous when it's variable data.


              For a business card sheets, post cards, etc., where all the QR codes are the same, you can change it before the merge. Drawback, of course, is all the QR codes are identical post merge. to change it pre merge in this case, just right-click on the QR code and choose to Edit it. Only select the color tab and change the color to a swatch color.


              I fill the frame, typically with the paper color, and that's it.



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                MW Design Level 5

                OK. Colored QR Codes are possible. At least to a degree. It requires an effect on the QR code frame itself. Because this effect also requires a blend mode the color may not be what is expected. So experimentation is required and while you will have a colored QR Code, it is not a vibrant color. Also, if the frame the QR Code is in is colored, or if there is a background color, even more experimentation is needed.


                But it will be colored. From the Object menu...




                Pick a color, for this example, I chose the following parameters:




                And of course, yellow on a pale blue results in a slightly washed out green color.




                The above scans fine on my screen and in print. But as always, test, test, test. And I would definitely do tests on prints.


                In reality, Adobe should enable the Color Tab of the Generate QR Code dialog when in non-preview mode. That would solve the problem.



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                  1stof8 jw Level 1

                  Hi Mike and others...


                  Thanks for the help, buts not already what i wanted to have.


                  I found out, that in the .indd file (opened in text edit) the color of the qr code is named as follows:

                  0.000000 1.000000 0.000000 0.000000 setcmykcolor


                  But when i rename this into my color and save the file inDesigns dsays that the file is corrupt.


                  Is there any option to edit the .indd file without making the file corrupt???

                  This would be the best option to edit over 500 qr codes...

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                    MW Design Level 5

                    Well, I think ID simply ignores any swatch.


                    You can export to IDML. Then UnZip the IDML. There are three places a swatch is defined in the contained XML files. You can use a named swatch or alter the colors for the QR Code. then you need to ZIP all those files (except the IDML you exported in the first place) and rename the extension back to IDML (assuming the extension is ZIP anyway).


                    But ID will simply use 100% K no matter what.


                    What color are you trying to obtain? Is the QR Code sitting on an image? A colored rectangle/vector piece? If yes to any of those, mention what they are and/or the color of the vector the QR Code is sitting on. I'll see what I can do...but I doubt it will be 100% of what you want.