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    Need major help finding missing files.  Attempted move to external drive went wrong.  MAC user


      This is utterly confusing to me so I'm going to try to describe what I did as simple as possible.  I bought a new external hard drive because I ran out of memory on my iMac hard drive.  I found a video tutorial in the adobe help section on how to successfully move files in LR from one drive to the other.  I will post link below.  I followed instructions perfectly. 


      A little backstory:  I have two catalogs in LR.  One catalog is my older work and the other is my more current work. 


      I thought I would start with my older work because I was worried about doing this.  From what I do know, I believe that during the process, my Seagate external drive may have ejected itself.  This caused an error and the process couldn't continue.  I plugged it back in and repeated the step so the remaining files could be transferred over.  When it was done, I started clicking on my images in LR and realized they all have exclamation marks and show as missing files. 


      I panicked and tried to switch over to my other catalog (my new work!!) and it is not there!!!!


      In the meantime, somehow, I started searching through finder to make sure my files were there somewhere.  I think I may have located some of my new work in a folder.  The problem is that 75% of those sessions are already edited.  The other 25% is I need to finish and is due to my client TOMORROW.  Ugh. I know.  I know.  I don't want to "re-import" them in LR and lose all my work?


      I just need help in general!!


      And before you even ask, no, I have not backed up.  This was actually part of my back-up plan!  I was going to get everything from my hard drive to the external drive then backup that drive to another external drive.  Obviously this hasn't worked out!!


      HELP!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







      http://tv.adobe.com/watch/adobe-evangelists-julieanne-kost/how-to-copy-files-to-an-externa l-hard-drive-in-lightroom/