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    Disc authoring?


      I'm currently using CS5 and have admittedly been out of the loop a bit regarding CC.


      I'm Googling for answers and can't seem to find anything definitive:  Can the products in CC no longer author Redbook CDs, DVDs and B-D discs?


      I see no capability for burning a CD of a live performance with track markers, nor any inclusion of Encore.... nor do I even see it as an add-on package.  There's no denying that distribution with discs has slowed down and will eventually stop, but I still have clients that want graduations delivered to students on disc, or concerts distributed as CDs, etc. 


      Did Adobe literally offer no way for me to do these things with their current software?

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          JoyMarkVideo Level 1

          In continuing my research and looking through information for Premiere, I see that Encore has been incorporated within Premiere in the CC version.


          I would still like to know if there is a way to output a Redbook CD of an audio performance, with tracks that don't have silences between them.  I have been doing this in CD Architect, but wonder if there is a Dynamic-link-capable program to burn a CD with tracks based upon timeline markers?

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            There is no Encore in CC. The last Encore version was CS6 and is available as a legacy download to CC subscribers only. Encore also never burnt audio CDs, only DVD (Video) and BD, both in a somewhat limited fashion only supporting parts of the feature set. The rest is irrelevant. DynamicLink only works between apps of the same version, so even if you have Encore CS6, you have to render out/ export everything from your CC apps unless you care to work in CS6 all the time, for which of course you then wouldn't need Creative Cloud. Causal loop perfect!



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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              >see that Encore has been incorporated within Premiere in the CC version


              As Mylenium said, that is not correct... Encore IS bundled with Premiere Pro, but if you have the Cloud you must use the special process to install PPro CS6


              Lots more information about that in the Encore forum Community: Encore | Adobe Community


              Or the CS5-thru-CC PPro/Encore tutorial list http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1448923 may help

              The bottom section of the tutorial link above has several Adobe links, and other information, on downloading Premiere Pro CS6 and the bundled Encore CS6, and the TWO ADDED downloads for the Encore library content, to author a DVD or BluRay... and the tutorial list includes learning how to use Encore... pay particular attention to the picture in reply 3 at this link - https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1516173 (picture first posted by Ann Bens and reposted by Stan Jones)

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                JoyMarkVideo Level 1

                <<< There is no Encore in CC >>>>



                This comparison page  (     Compare Premiere Pro versions, version history | Adobe Premiere Pro CC     ) makes it look like it IS included.  I'll take your word for it though, and I think I'll avoid all these hassles and stick with CS5!


                Thank you both for your replies.

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                  AshrafAziz Level 1


                  Ref. to your kind reply above, please I would like to know if Encore CS6 can be downloaded as a legacy software during the trial period of CC Cloud? Alternatives? secondly, based on your remark that even if you have Encore CS6, you have to render out/ export everything from your CC apps....so,  what if  I use Encore CS5 which is already there on my computer instead of Encore CS6? does it work? Lastly, I am suffering now from the process of downloading the trials of the CC Cloud applications, sometimes it goes well with a certain app. and sometimes I get errors and reinstall again... is there a way to get all the applications on a disc from Adobe to use it for installation and as a backup? NB.Although this  Need a Creative Cloud Disc/DVD, Backup, or Offline CC Installers? | ProDesignTools I couldn't figure how to get such a DVD!