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    Data binding of multiple records in an form of order


      Hallo Forum,

      I'm using Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2.


      I actually created a dataview with a linked EXCEL file with ca. 50.000 records. I would like to place differetent records in a form of order


      In the XML VIEW the binding elements are the following:

      <bind id="bind0" ref="$record.DataConnection.No"/>
      <bind id="bind1" ref="$record.DataConnection.Unit_Price"/>
      <bind id="bind2" ref="$record.DataConnection.Description_DEU"/>
      <bind id="bind3" ref="$record.DataConnection.Description_ENU"/>
      <bind id="bind4" ref="$record.DataConnection.Description_ITA"/>
      <bind id="bind5" ref="$record.DataConnection.Description_FRA"/>
      <bind id="bind6" ref="$record.DataConnection.Net_Weight"/>
      <bind id="bind7" ref="$record.DataConnection.Weight_Std"/>
      <bind id="bind8" ref="$record.DataConnection.Weight"/>
      <bind id="bind9" ref="$record.DataConnection.Unit_Price_DOLLAR1"/>


      In Excel the data is organized in this way

      Microsoft Excel - source.jpg



      My question is the following:

      • How I can address a specific record from DataBinding? "$record.DataConnection.No" is the Primary key
      • When I address "$record.DataConnection.No" like ELETA112 it's possible that I get below in a field $record.DataConnection.Description_ENU
      • It's possible to place different records in a LifeCycle Document ?


      Actually I found only in the Forum ways to display database data. I would place data in the PDF.


      Thank you for any help !


      P.S.: This screen should be our result