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    Strange/Irritating Dreamweaver Problem

      I have a problem with one of my folders in Dreamweavers "Files" view (Local View). Whenever I open Dreamweaver I have one folder that is always expanded. I need to click on the +/- several times to close the folder, but whenever I open another folder, this one opens again as well. Same story if I switch sites to Remote view and back, really anything I do.

      I've tried deleting the folder and copying it back from the remote server. I've tried completely recreating it with local files (Open Remote, Copy Code, Paste Code into NotePad, Copy Code , Paste Code into Dreamweaver, Save As, Close) I've looked in all the menus I can find for some sort of setting to change. I've tried deleting all of the LCK files and any non-essential files, recopying, overwriting, etc. The folder that is opening is somewhat of a long list and requires either constantly closing it (remember, several clicks to close), or scrolling to see the folder I originally opened. I'm out of ideas.

      It doesn't sound bad, but has become an irritant. Please help.