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    "TypeError: undefined is not an object" after upgrading to 2014.1.1


      I'm seeing the error: "TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'cpoint.getSymbolElement') in an _upgraded composition which is causing points and tooltips to not appear in the loaded composition.


      Edge Animate version 2014.1.1

      Mac OS 10.10.1

      Safari 8.0.2, Chrome 40.0.2214.94, Firefox 35.0.1

      This issue only began happening after upgrading to 2014.1.1

      No changes were made to my computer and I've tested it on other computers with the same result


      Here is the upgraded composition which is not working: http://inlightmedia.com/edge-interactive-svg-maps_upgraded/

      Older composition which correctly shows the pins and tooltips: http://inlightmedia.com/edge-interactive-svg-maps/

      Zip files of both compositions: Zip file


      I am very much an Edge and JavaScript rookie and have been modifying this project (which was created by someone else who is no longer supporting it) to suit my needs. Any help getting this to work in the new version of Edge would be greatly appreciated.