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    Remaining image


      I made an animation which is working perfectly.


      But there is a static image remaining. (see screenshot ) which I did not specify.

      This erroneous image displays in preview as well as in muse where I imported the oam file.

      It can not be seen on the stage.


      I tried to delete the poster image but with no effect.


      What to do??


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          ps@slk-mediendesign.de Level 1



          I just made a new version of my animation.

          Believe it or not: The error occurs after making slight corrections to the objects ( just text modifications) !!!!


          That means: You cannot do any corrections to your objects! I case of modifications you have to throw away your work and start from the beginning!



          I have been working with Adobe products for more than 15 years, but never found such a severe failure....

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            resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Hi there,

            There are still a few glitches in this version. If you copy transitions in a symbol to another one, it will play the symbol's timeline even if autoplay is off. This should be corrected in the near future. I made a bug report for that.

            You can correct that if you delete the symbol or the transitions and make then again without copying from another symbol.

            In you can it is possible that it is playing a timeline. One way to correct that would be to stop(0) the symbol on compositionReady.



            You can also check out in window/code and find the symbol and delete any line that is obsolete.

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              ps@slk-mediendesign.de Level 1


              thank you for your answer.


              I did not copy anything. Just changed some characters within the grouped circles.

              After that the error occured.


              Of course I can try to delete the erroneous circle within the HTML code, but what about the exported oam file? I want to use the animation in my muse website...