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    Animation hangs in Safari on iPad, but desktop/phone versions fine?

    ianmcarey Level 1

      Hi there, I am running Edge Animate CC 2014.1.1, OS 10.8.5. I have a fairly complex animation with sound which plays fine on all desktop browsers (incl. Safari) as well as on Android and iPhone, but on iPad it hangs up during the preloader (sometimes it gets to the initial "play" button) and reloads until I get the "A problem repeatedly occurred on [site address]" message. iPad has most recent OS and Safari versions.


      I know sound needs a trigger in iOS, so the sound doesn't autoplay--it's triggered by the play button. I also tried removing the preloader--didn't help.


      The animate file can be downloaded here.  The page can be seen here.


      Help please! Deadlines are fast approaching and this is driving me bonkers.