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    Any recommendations for a new Graphics card for Prem Pro 2014 (Windows) that offers Mercury Playback Engine GPU acceleration?



      I am led to believe I could benefit from GPU acceleration when editing as my PC is a little under spec. I do have a card but when I switch to GPU acceleration it does work but every time I stop moving / playing / scrubbing on the timeline the preview screen goes black.


      I am not sure which might be the best card to obtain for my reqs. I dont think I put the biggest of demands on the software but it does still struggle. Most of my editing is 3 - 10 min long interviews. 2 camera multi-cam editing. I invariably have need to edit RGB curves, three way colour corrector, transitions and sometimes Neat noise reduction. Any of those leaves my PC struggling. All the usual titles, music & voice-overs etc but nothing too heavy going like making films or inserting lots of video lines.


      I also do an occasional bit of work in After effects too.


      PC spec is:

      Intel Xeon CPU 1.86GHz (2 processors)

      12GB RAM which I am going to upgrade to 16GB

      64 bit op system

      Windows 7

      Radeon HD 5450 graphics card.



      Any guidance would be much appreciated