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    Adobe Flash Player for Mac 10.5.8


      I have a 2006 iMac with OS 10.5.8.  My default search engine is Safari 5.0.6.  The hard drive crashed a couple of weeks ago, and I now have a new hard drive . . . one without the aps I used before.


      The ap I'm having big problems replacing is Adobe Flash Player, without which I can't see the videos my friends put on Facebook. 


      I've been told that the latest version that will run on this OS is 10.3.  I have gone into Adobe archives, downloaded this version of the Player onto my desktop, and each time I try to install it, I get the message "The application Install Adobe Flash Player quit unexpectedly."  No matter where I get this Flash Player from, I get the same message, over and over.


      Any thoughts about how to replace my Flash Player, so that I can see the videos and play Bubbles IQ?