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    Downloading adobe flash player in english




      Adobe Flash will not update properly.


      I've tried a clean install by uninstalling the flash player, but when I tried to re- install Flash Player again something was wrong with it: the installer tried to install a dutch version of Flash Player. I think I was in holland when I first downloaded this program.


      I tried to select option "Want Flash Player for another PC?" - but it had no option to chose the language - it indicated the correct ox s system for download.

      But when the file downloaded & I ran it - guess what? Yes, exactly - it started to install Flash Player in Dutch!


      So I have a question: how can I install English-localized Flash Player and prevent myself from seeing again the Dutch download?


      I have no idea why the Dutch player keeps installing after (i think  ) a complete uninstal...


      Thanks in advance and best regards,