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    Dreamweaver Preferences for Fireworks 8

      I have installed both DW and Fireworks 8. In the Dreamweaver Preferences - Files Types/Editors, I have set up my preferences as follows: Open in Code View: .js, .asa .css .cs config .inc .txt .as .asc .asr .vb; No Enable BBEdit Integration; No External Code Editor; Reload Modified Files: Prompt; Save on Launch: Prompt; Fireworks - and here's the problem. In pale grey is "Fireworks 8." Looking at the Hands on Training I have to have "Program files\Macromedia\fireworks 8\Fireworks.exe." When I try to browse to the proper file with extension I get a message saying that Fireworks is already selected as my Editor. I do have a Mac so I'm a little confused on extensions since we don't use many of them. Down below I do have Extensions and .png and Editors, Fireworks 8 (Primary).
      When I try to bring an image into a Dreamweaver document it still shows it as a .jpg when according to the info it should be .png in the Property Inspector in the Src field.
      Help! What am I missing or doing wrong?