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    How do I make sure the photos in my InDesign files are at a high resolution when I send those files to a coworker? (Keeping them as .indd)


      I am leaving my job and we have been uploading all of my InDesign files onto Google Drive to prepare, so that my boss/coworkers can use and access my work. My boss has found that he can't download the files without the photos in the documents turning out super low-res. It's not just the display on his computer (although they do LOOK really awful); they also print in really low-res. I can print and view the SAME files in high-res when I'm working on my computer, and when I export the documents into a PDF, PNG, JPEG, etc., and THEN give him the files, they are at the appropriate resolution. Which has been all fine and dandy, but... Since I'm the only designer on staff, and I am leaving, I am going to need to be able to hand off my documents to my boss/coworkers. Help?!?!?! Thanks!