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    Multiple columns text boxes are reversing the order of information. 1 col A, B, C turns into multiple col C, B, A


      This is driving me crazy. I inherited a document that was originally a quark document, it was translated into indesign by a 3rd party plugin. All text boxes that were converted into multiple cols have reversed the flow of data.

      Reverse 1.png

      I'm sure it has something to do with the text threading on the text boxes. The usual sign I find on the right hand side has moved to the left hand side of these boxes. I have tried looking at their styles, text frame options, clearing styles...The only way I can fix it is by making a new text box and reflowing and placing the data, which I'd rather avoid because it's a very large document. Does anyone know of some kinda preference i'm missing here? I was hoping it would be as simple as a check/uncheck the box preference!