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      If I could just pay the $20,000 or whatever you used to charge for Photoshop, I would, but this "paying monthly unto the end of time" is just not cool.


      What's LESS cool is the broke-*** cycle of links I find when I go to cancel my subscription. Here's where I'm going:


      Manage Account -> Plans and Products -> Manage Plan -> Cancel Plan -> pop up: "Aaaw!" w/ links to subscription terms or customer support -> Customer Support -> DERP, Not redirecting!
      Cancel Plan -> Subscription Terms -> Customer Support (works from here) -> Adobe Photoshop -> Membership, Account, Payment -> Cancel Your Membership -> "try these first" -> Cancel your membership or subscription | Creative Cloud -> Cancel a Month to Month Membership...

      which lays out very clear step by step instructions - go account, products, manage plan, cancel - except then there should be this *totally different* pop-up that actually gives you the option of CANCELLING YOUR PLAN.

      Cancel plan confirmation pop-up

      Didn't see anything like this window. WOULD LOVE TO. This is what actually pops up now:


      We hate to see you go


      Please confirm applicable cancellation fees or refunds by referring to our subscription terms. To cancel, please contact Customer Support.


      And Customer Support, conveniently, is "24 hours a day, 7 days a week - Currently unavailable". I've dealt with too much bureaucratic horseshit lately to deal with this in anything less than "angry retiree" fashion. You've been getting a lot of my money compared to the output involved on your part (if Netflix can subsist on $8/month so can you) and the least you could do is make opting out SEAMLESS.