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    Why does text frame stroke sometimes appear on only 3 sides in EPUB?

    JoseBonner Level 1

      I have a number of text frames that I have outlined with a 1px blue stroke for emphasis.  I have put them entirely within the primary text frame, with the main text flow jumping them.  When I export the file as fixed-layout EPUB, some of these text frames show the full border as expected.  Others show 1px stroke on 3 sides, and either <1px or no stroke at all on the 4th side.  The incomplete stroke is usually the right or bottom of the text box.  I have checked the .css file for the img that the EPUB has created to show these text frames; the .png file is correct, with uniform stroke on all sides.  Something seems to be hiding the stroke in the EPUB.  The same text frames show the same quirks whether the stroke is centered on the frame edge or inside it.  Any ideas?