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    cannot update flash player


      I am running Windows XP (latest that was available from Microsoft before they stopped supporting XP) and FireFox 35.0.1 (latest from Mozilla).  My Flash plugin is but apparently this is out-of-date.  Everywhere I go where i need a flash player I see an error, and "Update Your Flash Player".  When I click on update, I am taken to:


      Adobe Flash Player Install for all versions


      and I download the installer.  I run it, and a blank, black box pops up and nothing happens ... ever.  I cannot get the latest Flash Player installed.


      I had this problem awhile back and for the longest time could not update, and was also unable to view any videos needing flash.  Somehow I ended up downloading the plugin DLL directly, but for the life of me I don't remember how I did that.  I can't believe I'm only person in the world running XP that has issues with updating the Flash player.  BTW - I did disable Norton Anti-Virus when trying to update just in case Norton was blocking the install.


      Help, please.